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The Lesbian Diaries: a job interview with Lex Hefner – HER

Around of one of the very typically significant you decisions in LGBT history, federal wedding equality, lesbians tend to be at long last free to get hitched. But what about most of the solitary ladies? Through the lens of many wise, diverse lesbians, the state release of the award-nominated documentary,

Lesbian Diaries

, provides a reputable, new have a look at relationship as a single lesbian.

This documentary, made by film manufacturer Lex Hefman, shares the persuasive and touching tales of lesbians navigating the singles scene and depict a genuine consider the realities of dating amidst an oversexualized, glamorized media portrayal of lesbian tradition. By countering misconceptions about ladies who date females,

Lesbian Diaries

utilizes the experiences of actual females to talk about racism in dating, individuality disorders, dependency, cheating, experimenters, internet dating as an adult girl, and online lesbian chat game people.

We surely got to catch up with Lex a few days before the documentary’s release that you’ll see a preview of right here

What is Lesbian Diaries about & exactly what triggered that generate this documentary?

The lesbian Diaries is a mental deconstruction of lesbian dating in addition to a glance at the overarching culture and issues increasingly being skilled because of the scene. We’re looking at the problems of internet dating and mistakes that lots of lesbians make in the process of picking lovers and providing them with tips about how to boost their approach. Besides our company is analyzing some of the adverse fashions in LGBT society having emerged throughout the years. Since gay relationship is legal – we need to switch the attentions to other elements of the city assuring good development in all aspects as well as advancements from inside the structure of our own world.

Could there be anything you heard during interviews that astonished you?

Yes, I found myself absolutely surprised to listen to regarding quick decline of lesbian pubs globally – there are just 4 remaining in NYC and 1 in san francisco bay area – which was pretty unfortunate and alarming. I found myself also shocked to discover that there clearly was such a thing labeled as TERF lesbians that happen to be trying to omit transgender folks from town, at the same time the increasing development of racism inside scene.

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Preciselywhat are you a lot of concerned about for the future with the neighborhood?

I’m concerned that future society are going to be thus split up by tags that lesbians of all of the kinds will not come to be united. This might reduce the wide range of women around and readily available or perhaps the possibility of meeting a possible partner. In addition i’m worried your current target looks is actually overriding taking a look at further characteristics, which ladies cannot take the time to re-evaluate their unique method of dating. Interracial matchmaking appears to be a huge issue regarding the lesbian scene – where few ladies perform or wish to take part in it. This will be a far cry from heterosexual globe.

And what exactly are you presently many excited about? Do you consider we will maintain an excellent invest a few years?

I am excited that becoming gay or lesbian is not frowned upon just as much as in past times. In a lot of spots worldwide, the audience is becoming accepted and tend to be gaining the capability to end up being free about whom we have been and whom we like, in public. There’s even more work to performed. However, we have started the move forward that we feel will continue.

Will we get to see whatever follow through to Lesbian Diaries?

Probably we could view further aspects, but this would depend on the performance of this basic documentary.

Where are we able to learn more info or follow you?

The documentary will likely be on the

10th of December


and “like” the facebook page at

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